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BCGS, BMS & SLBGS participated in the Debate Club Tournament won by BCGS with student prizes to BCGS/BMS for excellent debating skills: Guns should be outlawed in America Mobile phones should be banned for primary school children The death penalty should be reinstated in the UK


30 students who were selected for the highest achievement points and excellent attendance, had great fun participating in a school Easter Egg Hunt. Students had to solve clues and search for tokens to collect rewards. Congratulations to our top 30 students on their achievements.


A new free & confidential scheme operated by Citizen Advice supporting people in Kent who are struggling financially or need support to manage the rising cost of living has been launched Open Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, freephone 0800 808 5622


The NSPCC has signposted support for young people wishing to report nudes shared online. Use the Report Remove tool: Report Remove | Childline to help take down nude/sexual images & videos. Emotional support is available from Childline & the Internet Watch Foundation.


Look what we've been awarded!


Parenting comes with lots of challenges, which can be even more difficult if you're dealing with mental health problems. Please find below a useful link for parents


Free breakfast from the National School Breakfast Prog with - setting all our students up to succeed with either a bagel or bowl of cereal from 08:00-08:30am every morning


Congratulations to all the students who entered our Art competition. Take a look at just a couple of the amazing entries.


Yesterday, the BCGS and BMS Maths Club investigated the relationship between wingspan and the flight time of paper helicopters.


Two new clubs for students to join at BMS this week!


Announcing a new club which is open to BMS & BCGS students this week.


Our fantastic new school is recruiting more teaching staff in preparation for the arrival of another year group in September. Lots of leadership roles available too. Have a look and see if something grabs your interest!


We've joined the National School Breakfast Prog with providing free healthy breakfasts giving students the best chance to learn. Breakfast can set up children to succeed, which is why all our students can have either a bagel or cereal free from every morning


This week Year 7 students from Barton Court and Barton Manor took part in a Maths Bake-Off Challenge, using their Mathematical skills to decipher a jumbled up recipe. Their excellent cooking skills resulted in superb candy cane shortbreads!


A treat to kick start the week yesterday for our hard working staff - the diet starts in January!


We've got some great prizes for our Christmas Fayre this week - looking forward to seeing who wins big!


We raised £110 for by running a cake sale, which was hugely popular at break and lunch time!


Looking forward to our first Children in Need fundraiser including ‘Spot-themed’ Non School Uniform Day & Cake Sale (with prizes for Bake-Off winner).


We will be selling Remembrance Day poppies from the School office from Thursday 3 November. To find out more about where your money goes, please visit


We're delighted to announce we are a National Online Safety Certified School! Accreditation has come through a comprehensive online safety programme and a whole school community approach to protecting children in the online world


This week, 16 of our Year 7 students from Barton Manor and Barton Court joined forces to take part in a Maths relay competition. They collaborated very enthusiastically to solve complex problems. Well done to the winning team and to all who took part!


Y7 BMS students are loving our brand new sports facilities!


It's the end of our second week as a brand new school in Canterbury and Y7 have been enjoying an intro into their new subjects.


Details of our Open Evenings at both Barton Court Grammar and Barton Manor School are now available to view on our websites. Booking for the Headteacher Presentations is essential.


We're looking for a dynamic Isolation Manager/Behaviour Pastoral Support Assistant for our brand new school which opens in September. If you or anyone you know is interested in this role, please click the link below for more information:


We're looking for talented & dedicated Teaching Assistants to start in September. If you or someone you know is interested and would like to learn more, please click here:


Barton Manor school build was completed last week! The School will legally be transferred to BCAT on 1 May 2022 so we have plenty of time to move in ready to welcome our new Y7 students and their parents/carers to the transition along with welcome events planned for Term 6.


Advanced notification for your diaries. Special offer of 10% off school uniform at the Simmonds Selling Event in June this year -


We are looking for an Assistant Site Manager to start at the School on 1 May. If you or someone you know is interested please click here for more details:


The Funding Agreement for Barton Manor School has been signed meaning it's now legally within Barton Court Academy Trust and we can start offering student places on 1 March and recruiting staff. Exciting stuff! See our full press release:


Are you interested in being one of our School Governors, if so come and talk to us or click the link below for further details:


We're looking for a Non Executive Director/Trustee for the Barton Court Academy Trust. If this is something that interests you we would love to talk to you. Click the link for further details:


Just 4 weeks to go until this amazing new school is finished.


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Barton Manor School is really getting there now. The interiors are going in and it's looking incredible.


It's coming along nicely!


Update on our new build!


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The new free school build, Barton Manor, is progressing well and may even be completed 3 weeks early!


Come along to our Open Evening tonight, 5pm-8pm at Barton Court Grammar School and learn more about our new free school opening in September 2022.


Barton Manor School is looking for LGB Govs to join them in Jan 2022. If you or someone you know is interested in joining the Trust to help implement the vision, ethos & direction of our new free school click the link below or retweet to spread the word.


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Our new free school, Barton Manor, is progressing. Here are the latest images.

Term Dates

  • Autumn Term

    • First day of term
      1st Sep 2022
    • Half Term
      24th Oct 2022 - 28th Oct 2022
    • Last day of term
      16th Dec 2022
    • Winter holidays
      19th Dec 2022 - 30th Dec 2022
    • Further Information
      All Students Return - Monday 5 September 2022

      Staff Development Days:
      Thursday 01 September 2022
      Friday 02 September 2022
      Friday 21 October 2022
  • Spring Term

    • First day of term
      3rd Jan 2023
    • Half Term
      13th Feb 2023 - 17th Feb 2023
    • Last day of term
      31st Mar 2023
    • Easter/Spring holidays
      3rd Apr 2023 - 14th Apr 2023
  • Summer Term

    • First day of term
      17th Apr 2023
    • Half Term
      29th May 2023 - 2nd Jun 2023
    • Last day of term
      21st Jul 2023
    • Further Information
      Staff Development Days:
      Thursday 20 July 2023
      Friday 21 July 2023
  • Autumn Term

    • First day of term
      1st Sep 2023
    • Half Term
      23rd Oct 2023 - 27th Oct 2023
    • Last day of term
      15th Dec 2023
    • Winter holidays
      18th Dec 2023 - 29th Dec 2023
    • Further Information
      All Students Return - Tuesday 5 September 2023

      Staff Development Days:
      Friday 01 September 2023
      Monday 04 September 2023
      Friday 20 October 2023
  • Spring Term

    • First day of term
      2nd Jan 2024
    • Half Term
      12th Feb 2024 - 16th Feb 2024
    • Last day of term
      28th Mar 2024
    • Easter/Spring holidays
      2nd Apr 2024 - 12th Apr 2024
  • Summer Term

    • First day of term
      15th Apr 2024
    • Half Term
      27th May 2024 - 31st May 2024
    • Last day of term
      23rd Jul 2024
    • Summer holidays
      24th Jul 2024 - 24th Jul 2024
    • Further Information
      Staff Development Days:
      Monday 22 July 2024
      Tuesday 23 July 2024


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