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Come along to our Open Evening tonight, 5pm-8pm at Barton Court Grammar School and learn more about our new free school opening in September 2022.


Barton Manor School is looking for LGB Govs to join them in Jan 2022. If you or someone you know is interested in joining the Trust to help implement the vision, ethos & direction of our new free school click the link below or retweet to spread the word.


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Our new free school, Barton Manor, is progressing. Here are the latest images.


Our Open Morning Tour of the site is now full on Monday 11 October, 9.30am, but other time slots are still available. To book click here:


Work's really progressing on our new build. Due for completion in February 2022.


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The aim of the school uniform & dress code is to:

  1. promote a shared identity and foster pride in the School.
  2. ensure dress appropriate for the working day.
  3. promote equality and avoid issues of comparison & peer pressure.

Students are expected to be smart. School uniform is to be worn correctly at all times during the school day including to and from School as well as for visits and school events unless otherwise noted. Non-school uniform days students clothing should be smart casual and suitable for the business of the day, normal regulations regarding jewellery, hair and make-up apply on these days.


Financial support for school uniform items for FSM students:

The Trust offers financial support of 50% towards the costs of school uniform items that can only be purchased from our school uniform supplier. For example, blazers, ties and PE kit. Next summer during the induction process contact details will be provided for parents/carers to discuss financial support.

General Uniform




School Charcoal blazer with school badge and blue trim.



School black tie with badge

Or other official tie awarded to student.

Tie to be worn correctly with the logo visible and top button fastened.


White shirt – conventional classic design with stiffened collar. 

Must be tucked in with top button fastened.



School black V-necked jumper with silver trimmed neckband.

Optional. This is the only jumper permitted.

Tartan Skirt*

School tartan skirt available from the uniform supplier.

Tartan skirt, to be knee length or below the knee.



School charcoal grey trouser. We recommend that these are obtained from the uniform suppliers to ensure the correct design.

Plain charcoal grey full length tailored, straight legged, trouser. No fashion trousers, no flare or narrowing, no bootleg, no extra pockets, buttons, belts or zips.

Trousers (boys)

Charcoal tailored trousers; traditional cut.

Belt is optional for boys but must be discrete if worn. Trousers to be worn correctly around the waist.


Dark socks with trousers, black or white with skirt.

Ankle or knee high are acceptable


Plain black or natural.

No patterned tights

Shoes Black leather flat or low heeled shoes* not ankle boots.

No trainers, no trainer shoes. No “Ugg” boots

* Open-toed or backless sandals are not allowed at any time for health and safety reasons.

Coat Dark weatherproof outer coat should be smart and worn over the blazer. (Reflective arm bands aid visibility in the winter.) Coats must not display any slogans or offensive logos.
Bags The recommended school bag is a rucksack. Bags must have an over the shoulder strap. No fashion bags, no handbags, no excessive adornments (non-functional buckles, straps, plaid handles, chains, studs, scarves etc). No plastic bags.

White laboratory coat.

Safety spectacles are provided when necessary.

Safety spectacles are provided where necessary and students may buy their own pair if they wish (available from Science Dept.  at approx. £3)
Design Technology* Blue apron appropriate for workshop & all practical work.  

White laboratory coat and blue DT apron are compulsory for Years 7 – 11.

PE Kit - Year 7



Polo Shirt*

Navy/white polo shirt

“Female fit” and “unisex fit” available.

Must be purchased from school suppliers.


Navy/white shorts.

Must be purchased from school suppliers. Optional for girls.


Navy/white skort.

Must be purchased from school suppliers. Girls may wear short and/or skort.

Sports leggings*

Navy with white calf

Must be purchased from school suppliers.


Midlayer top*

Navy/White mid-layer top.

Must be purchased from school suppliers.



Long game socks – navy/white hoops

Must be purchased from school suppliers.


Sports Rain Jacket*   (optional)

Navy/white with school initials (BMS) on the back

Must be purchased from school suppliers.

Can be worn for sports. Available to order.

Durable Baselayer


White, long sleeved.

May be worn under the polo shirt on cold days.


A sports trainer that is suitable for indoor use with a non-marking sole and sufficient ankle support.

Trainers with discrete colouring are preferred

Canvas trainers of a plimsole/vans/ converse style are not appropriate.


Studded boots for hockey and football  + shin pads.


PE Kit – it is optional but strongly recommended that PE Kit is embroidered with the student’s initials.

An embroidery service is available from the school uniform supplier, Simmonds.

Uniform Supplier & Other Information


S. Simmonds & Son Ltd


3/5 Eldon Way

Paddock Wood


TN12 6BE      

Tel: 01892 837202

Please note:     

(1) Official school badges only.

(2) No jewellery - except for watch & one small, discreet stud in each earlobe if necessary.  (To be handed in for PE).

(3) No other visible body piercing or tattoos.

(4) Make-up: none visible Years 7 – 9; minimal & discreet (if worn). Years 10 - 11.   No coloured nail varnish.

(5) Hair: no extremes of fashion; no obvious dyes (natural colour only). Hair clips/scrunchies, etc. should be discreet.

(6) Hair, shoulder length or longer, must be tied back for science and all practical lessons.

       (7) The following items are not allowed:   

  1. denim coats/jackets,  sweatshirts, hooded sweaters, etc.
  2.  jeans, denims, cords, laced or  decorated trousers;  extremes of width  for trouser legs. 
  3. suede / leather boots.   
  4. visible polo–necked or other sweaters etc. under shirts.
  5. caps/hats - except outside in extreme weather then plain navy blue.  

        (8) In the event of a medical condition necessitating trainers these must be black & student must have a dated

letter of explanation from parent/doctor.

      All clothing and kit must be clearly named with the student’s full forename & surname.