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We've recently begun a partnership with to provide students with greater access to the world of Performing Arts. For more information on the range of backstage and front of stage courses they run, have a look at


We are looking for a great DT Technician who wants to join our school and assist in a very supportive department. If you, or anyone you know, is interested in this role, please click the link below:


All students in Years 7 & 8 took part in an Anti-bullying Assembly by the local Police. They learnt about the laws, different types of bullying and the effects that bullying can have on others.


We want to make a difference to the homeless of Canterbury. We are in urgent need of some festive treats for our Porchlight Christmas Gift Box Appeal. Please see our website for ideas of what can be donated by 1 Dec. We need time to wrap and deliver! Thank you.


Another group of Y8 students visited last week to see the Crown Jewels, visit the White Tower and see Traitors Gate. They also attended a Protest and Rebellion workshop which they loved!


Our Bake Sale for Children in Need raised £215.30 which is amazing from just two year groups at BMS.


There's a real & growing concern re how many young people share inappropriate images online, leading to potential exploitation, blackmail & harm from a young age & leaving a lasting digital footprint. If you share it, you're involved. Speak to the DSL team if you've concerns.


Keeping Children Safe Online - a great poster for parents to share with their children.


Some Year 8 students at Barton Manor were pleased to head over to Barton Court and watch talks from the BBC Bitesize Careers roadshow last week. Students learned about a wide variety of career pathways in fashion, TV production and academia.


We are proud of our students, Moree, Shafin & Laila for putting themselves forward as advocates for the young people of Canterbury in the elections. If you are aged between 11-18 please show your support by voting online at by Friday 17 November


Students in Art made a poppy dress to commemorate Remembrance


Students visited the Memorial in Canterbury to lay a wreath on behalf of BMS for those who have fought for our country. Meeting Eric from the RBL enabled them to learn about the role of the Legion & ask questions about the memorial & the importance of Remembrance Day



After a big victory last match the Y7 football team were looking to continue their form. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case in the 1st half with SLBGS leading two goals to nil. They fought back though & within the last 10 minutes won 3-2! Great fighting spirit & determination.


A fantastic performance by the Year 8 Football team yesterday. After failing to put away the chances in their last game, the Year 8’s finally found their shooting boots securing a 7-1 victory against St Anselm's School. The team should be proud of their performance.


A fantastic performance by the Y8 Football team yesterday. After failing to put away the chances in the their last game, the Y8’s final found their shooting boots securing a 7-1 victory against St Anselm's School. The team should be proud of their performance.


We've once again completed a comprehensive online safety training programme and gained recognition as a NOS Certified School, demonstrating our commitment to keeping children and young people safe online.


An excellent display by the Year 7 Football Team last week; the team were 2-0 down in the first 15 minutes and fought back to win 9-3!Stand out performers were Salako, Kapadia, and Kareem. An excellent performance from the group and a brilliant team effort.


Porchlight were delighted to receive our cheque for over £1,000 following all the fundraising the School took part in last year.Porchlight was one of the School's chosen charities and monies raised were by our very first year group which was a fantastic effort!


Brilliant visit by some of our Y8 to seeing the Crown Jewels, enjoying a tour of the Tower's grounds and taking part in an interactive workshop.


Yesterday's guide summarized what trusted adults need to know about the potential dangers of vaping for young people.


The importance of student punctuality.


We raised over £132 for Jeans for Genes this year in our Bake Sale yesterday. Thank you to everyone who baked or supplied cakes - they were enjoyed by staff and students!


The Kent Youth County Council elections are open to all young people aged 11-18 giving them the chance to campaign about important issues. Deadline is midnight Sun 15 Oct


This online safety poster can help young people to stay safer online over summer by (among other things) recognising fake news, sharing/uplifting content and thinking before they post.

Gifted and Talented

Vision and Mission

At Barton Manor School we wish to nurture and develop all students and to provide an environment rich in opportunities for learning and for the development of individual gifts and talents.

We aim to inspire our students to be global citizens prepared for the exciting opportunities and challenges of today’s world. They will be encouraged to develop thinking skills that can be applied across disciplines, to learn languages which will allow them to communicate with confidence, and to develop the skills of leadership, collaboration and self-knowledge, essential for happiness and personal fulfilment.

Each student at Barton Manor School is unique and our programmes are designed to support the developing needs of our students. The Gifted and Talented programmes are created to ensure the very best success for those students identified as having a particular gift or talent, but are also open to all students who wish to aim high and achieve the very best in their academic and personal development.

Our partnership with Barton Court Grammar School will allow us to share ideas, resources and best practice to ensure all students have access to opportunities to stretch and challenge in all subjects to encourage academic excellence, and with individual talents in Art, Music, Drama, Dance, Sport and Design Technology. Senior students at Barton Court Grammar School will mentor students at Barton Manor School and joint opportunities will be offered to students in both schools.


Curriculum – “The Grammar Learning Pathway”

In Key Stage 3, there is an opportunity for students to follow the “Grammar Learning Pathway”.

Students study an academic curriculum making sure they are stretched and challenged across a wide range of traditional subjects, which includes a Modern Foreign language. This programme provides ideal preparation for the English Baccalaureate (EBacc ) programme at Key Stage 4 (KS4).

In Key Stage 4, all students start their GCSE/Level 2 courses and there is an opportunity for students to study the traditional EBacc programme. This is the most prestigious learning pathway offered and will lead to the English Baccalaureate qualification. The EBacc provides students with a broad range of academic subjects upon which to build any future career options. It is expected by this Government that all students, at KS4, follow this pathway and it is recognised as a highly prestigious pathway by school Sixth Forms, Colleges, Universities and employers and is ideal preparation for Post-16 study.

To achieve the EBacc, students must gain a GCSE grade 9-5 in six subjects. These subjects must include:

  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • 2 Sciences (2 from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Combined Science (2 GCSEs))
  • 1 Humanity (1 from History or Geography)
  • 1 MFL (1 from French or Spanish.

Additional Opportunities

Students gifted or talented in a specific field or subject will be provided with opportunities within and beyond the classroom to achieve their own personal excellence. They will be consistently challenged to push themselves further and given opportunities to share their ability with others through leadership and challenging learning tasks. The success of our students will be widely celebrated as we celebrate a culture where gifts and talents are nurtured and appreciated.

Extra-curricular opportunities, visits, competitions, exhibitions, events, concerts, productions, will be widely available and students will be encouraged to take part with as many as possible to extend their skills further and to broaden their learning.

Gifted and Talented students in Key Stage 3 will complete a programme within Tutor Time which is focused on developing key learning strategies which will support their ability to push and challenge themselves in lessons and become the most confident learners possible. Students in Key Stage 4 will be given the opportunity to complete the Extended Project Qualification. This GCSE course provides the students with an opportunity to research into a topic of personal interest and complete an academic piece of writing about it. Whilst completing the project they develop a range of transferrable skills including research, organisation, problem-solving and communication. Students in Year 11 will be supported to develop the strategies required to achieve the highest possible grades in their GCSE examination through effective learning and revision strategies. We plan for students to be given the opportunity to be part of the ‘Brilliant Club’ scheme which gives them the opportunity to work with a PhD graduate to complete a series of tutorials and finally produce their own academic piece of writing.

It is planned that Barton Manor will work closely with Barton Court Grammar School and very closely with local universities to support our Gifted and Talented students. These opportunities push students to take their gifts and talents to a higher level and have experiences to support their passion for life-long learning.


The school has a large multi-purpose sports hall and extensive playing fields to encourage participation, enjoyment and progression to elite performance in Physical Education and Sports. Students will be inspired and encouraged to engage in physical activity and in sport for the longer term to support both healthy life styles and enjoyment. All students in the school will access compulsory core PE. Classes will be separate for boys and girls and include a wide variety of team and individual sports and exercise options.

It is expected that sports teams and individual athletes will compete at local, regional and national level as the opportunities arise. There will be a wide range of extra-curricular activities offered both after school and lunchtime which will change as per the seasons throughout the year.

Progression and elite sports

We believe that BMS’s outstanding PE and Sports curriculum and state-of-art sports facilities will be a strength of the school and we intend to offer a wide range of sports for all to participate, but also ensure we have progression for our most talented students. At KS4 students will be able to study options such as Level 2 BTEC Sport and GCSE PE in addition to participation in core PE. At KS5 students will be able to study options such as Level 3 BTEC Sport or A Level PE. This will ensure we have the right support for those with the aptitude and desire for careers in PE and/or Sport and Sport Science.

In addition to our own facilities, we will work in collaboration with local elite sport groups and clubs to make use of local sports facilities in Canterbury and the surrounding area which will support wider engagement, participation and progression in sports within the School.

Creative Arts, Technology, Music, Drama and Dance

To support our vision of delivering excellence in creative, vocational and performance education the School offers excellent facilities in Art, Technology, Music, Drama and Dance. We believe having opportunities to develop the creative, applied and performance aspirations and talents of our students enhances children’s educational experience and for many it raises confidence and self-esteem. Whether they wish to pursue these areas as a future career or take part in them for the sheer enjoyment.

Art has 3 classrooms on the north side of the School to aid perfect lighting for the subject with views of the city to inspire the study of Art, 3D Art and Photography. Students will be able to study GCSE and A Level Art as well as BTEC Art and Photography. There will be a range of extra –curricular opportunities, links with Further Education and Higher Education, local and national competitions.

Music has excellent facilities that will support Music and Music Technology both in the curriculum and by offering wider opportunities. Music rooms and facilities are all based around the main hall and drama studio with 2 classrooms, multiple practice rooms and a sound/lighting/recording booth to support joint work between the departments and extra-curricular projects such as school productions, concerts and recording. Students will be able to study GCSE and A Level Music as well as BTEC Music and Music Technology. Music lessons will be available as well as a range of extra-curricular opportunities, links with BCGS to expand current provision and ensure talented musicians have clear progression routes to develop across a diverse range of music genres. There will be access to a calendar of competitions such as “Battle of the Bands” as well as opportunities for collaboration for joint concerts and performances.

Drama, Dance and Performance

Drama has its own bespoke Drama Studio with a bi-folding wall, linked to the main hall and music, for school productions and larger dramatic events. This allows Drama to be taught in a variety of different spaces as a discrete subject and through cross-curricular links to other subjects. To ensure Drama can flourish from its opening BMS pupils will be able to access Drama at BCGS to give them opportunities for collaboration such as joint productions, trips and theatre visits and workshops with Further and Higher Education.

The Dance Studio, with sprung dance floor and floor to ceiling mirrors, is located in the Sports hall on the second floor with its own learning space and resources. This will be led by a Dance specialist and delivered as a separate subject. The vision is that all of the creative and performance subjects can thrive individually in their own right but also collectively as a Performance Suite where students can work together on joint projects, concerts and performances.

Vocational and Applied specialist facilities

At BMS Technology and skills-based learning will be of the highest standards and expectations so that courses are of high quality. All pupils will study technology at KS3 and will be able to choose from a wide variety of vocational options at KS4 and KS5 such as Hospitality & Catering or Engineering or more traditional GCSE or A Level in Product Design and Food Technology. Technology has 3 separate classrooms to offer Hospitality & Catering, Design Technology and Engineering and in addition to ensure students have as wide a range of opportunities as possible. BMS will work in collaboration with local colleges and FE providers to support progression for those students wishing to access Apprenticeships and Vocational training.

Links with other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects in the School and across the Trust will be encouraged and the Trust Lead for Technology will oversee provision in all 3 schools, competitions, collaboration and links with industry, Further and Higher Education.

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