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Y7 BMS students are loving our brand new sports facilities!


It's the end of our second week as a brand new school in Canterbury and Y7 have been enjoying an intro into their new subjects.


Details of our Open Evenings at both Barton Court Grammar and Barton Manor School are now available to view on our websites. Booking for the Headteacher Presentations is essential.


We're looking for a dynamic Isolation Manager/Behaviour Pastoral Support Assistant for our brand new school which opens in September. If you or anyone you know is interested in this role, please click the link below for more information:


We're looking for talented & dedicated Teaching Assistants to start in September. If you or someone you know is interested and would like to learn more, please click here:


Barton Manor school build was completed last week! The School will legally be transferred to BCAT on 1 May 2022 so we have plenty of time to move in ready to welcome our new Y7 students and their parents/carers to the transition along with welcome events planned for Term 6.


Advanced notification for your diaries. Special offer of 10% off school uniform at the Simmonds Selling Event in June this year -


We are looking for an Assistant Site Manager to start at the School on 1 May. If you or someone you know is interested please click here for more details:


The Funding Agreement for Barton Manor School has been signed meaning it's now legally within Barton Court Academy Trust and we can start offering student places on 1 March and recruiting staff. Exciting stuff! See our full press release:


Are you interested in being one of our School Governors, if so come and talk to us or click the link below for further details:


We're looking for a Non Executive Director/Trustee for the Barton Court Academy Trust. If this is something that interests you we would love to talk to you. Click the link for further details:


Just 4 weeks to go until this amazing new school is finished.


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Barton Manor School is really getting there now. The interiors are going in and it's looking incredible.


It's coming along nicely!


Update on our new build!


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The new free school build, Barton Manor, is progressing well and may even be completed 3 weeks early!


Come along to our Open Evening tonight, 5pm-8pm at Barton Court Grammar School and learn more about our new free school opening in September 2022.


Barton Manor School is looking for LGB Govs to join them in Jan 2022. If you or someone you know is interested in joining the Trust to help implement the vision, ethos & direction of our new free school click the link below or retweet to spread the word.


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Our new free school, Barton Manor, is progressing. Here are the latest images.


Our Open Morning Tour of the site is now full on Monday 11 October, 9.30am, but other time slots are still available. To book click here:


Work's really progressing on our new build. Due for completion in February 2022.

School Name and Logo

Barton Manor School Name and Logo

The Barton Manor School is a member of Barton Court Academy Trust (BCAT) and resides in the Barton ward of Canterbury. It is named after the Trust, the ward where it resides and after the fine mansion house, built in 1750, which is BCATs Head Office on the Barton Court Grammar School site.

The logo is derived from:

Barton’ is an amalgamation of

  • ‘Bar-‘ The Old English ‘bere’ meaning ‘barley’; the cereal grain
  • ‘-ton’ signifying ‘enclosure’, ‘settlement

Manor’ derives from Latin and signifies a ‘dwelling

Resulting in ‘Barton Manor’ meaning ‘Barley Enclosure’.

Barley is included in the school logo/shield




  • Nature
  • Health
  • Growth
  • Plenitude



Barton Court the ‘dwelling’ of which Barton Manor School takes its name symbolises

  • Safety
  • Shelter
  • Prosperity

The Head Office of Barton Court Academy Trust is the manor house situated on Barton Court Grammar School site. The site was established around 598-605 AD as the home-farm of the Abbey of St Augustine. Barton Court was demolished and rebuilt in 1750 as a fine mansion house.

The building is an 18th century build with Flemish Bond Brick Work with a three-section Venetian Window.

This Venetian Window is included in the School logo/shield



The Hougham Family owned Barton Court from 1657 to 1902. This wealthy and influential family had links to royalty and powerful people. The family coat of arms include a falcon which is included in the school logo/shield

Falcon symbolises

  • Victory
  • Success
  • Rising above challenging situations
  • Wisdom
  • Vision
  • Protection

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