Why Use Thinking Maps?

Thinking Maps

  • Thinking Maps are a synthesis of the above. They provide a common language of visual tools.
  • It's all about making connections, our brain makes connections every second so it is obvious that we do the same in the way we teach and learn.
  • Predominantly we are visual processors so we need to provide our learners with highly structured displays for systematically managing and organising information.

At Barton Manor we believe in "The Mediation of Thinking". It is about entering students' minds and dealing with misconceptions.

By using the 8 maps, we are offering 8 fundamental and universal cognitive thinking processes to our students which will enable them to, not only reflect on their own thinking, but also be fluent in explaining the mental processes they are using.

Students know already how to think but using the eight visual tools provides them with a clearer, more structured and common thinking model in order to contribute to their own thinking and to sharing their learning and thinking with others.

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